Valley of the moon
Here I wander from ancient times to a lost future.
With small interventions I document traces that we leave behind.
Globalization, fast growing tourism and a consuming society are subjects that I subtly portray with the desert as a backdrop in contrast to these subjects.
The vast size of the desert made me feel small but it also brought light to my existence as a human in this world and its huge impact on it. Here you depend on yourself, you live instead of being lived. Where there is practically nothing, I found everything. 

Between sand and salt
A travel story
Jordan, 2019
Personal work, 2019 
Lookbook, 2019 
Selection of images O’neill 185 campaign 2018/2019

Riders / models: Seb Tooth, Paddy Graham, Imogen Caldwell, Drayden Gardner, Ciana Parks
Styling: Saffrien Duijser
Art direction: Duran Lantink
Production: Tamara Lichtenberg